EnCusp currently provides project management and enhancement services to support environmental projects whether you are in the ideation & planning stage or are already in the midst of the project.
Our approach is condensed into three phases that come with different services to help you during the initiation & planning, delivery, and implementation phases of your project.

Environmental Project Support Services

EnCusp, LLC offers a variety of environmental project management and support services that include:

  • Scientific Advising on Projects

  • Environmental Project Coordination

  • Project Planning and Strategic Planning

  • Team Coordination and Management

  • Project Presentations and Data Visualization

  • Communications Strategy and Social Media Management

  • Workshops & Training

  • Grant and Report Review

Project Collaborations

EnCusp, LLC is open to project collaborations and explorations through funding opportunities.  This includes collaboration on grant writing, brainstorming, and project implementation.  Contact us for more information.  Some examples of collaboration include:

  • Collaboration with those in academia, government, non-profit, for-profit, and community organizations on grant-funded projects

  • Expeditions that require environmental science advising

  • Site Investigations for problem-solving suggestions